Is my stained glass panel worth repairing? Find out here!

Antique stained glass is highly collectible for sentimental reasons as baby boomers look back on their childhood years. Beautiful examples can be found in antique shops or on eBay but they are often damaged, with cracked or missing pieces. The question becomes: are they worth fixing?

Genuine stained glass panels from the early 1900s are well worth restoring but modern reproductions may not be. Consult a stained glass expert to be sure.

Artistry in Glass video explains all you need to know about restoring stained glass.

Antique panel from Chicago Restored

Damaged and dirty stained glass panel
Historic, 100-year-old, transom before restoration
restored Art Nouveau-style transom from Chicago
Stained glass after expert repair and cleaning

This beautiful stained glass panel needed lots of TLC when delivered to Artistry in Glass

In the early 1900s, no house of any significance was completed without colorful stained glass. These panels are now highly collectible for both decorative and nostalgic reasons as baby boomers look back on the fabric of their formative years.

This panel, rescued from the family home by a Chicago customer, has numerous pieces of stained glass either missing or cracked. Furthermore, the lead came and the antique glass was coated with black grime – the result of 100 years of exposure to the industrial pollution of Chicago.

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