How to order custom etched mirrors

Fire Fighters Logo

Artistry in Glass designs & manufactures custom etched and painted mirrors for bars, restaurants and man-caves

Send your artwork to Artistry in Glass for a free quotation – we can provide the mirror (plain or beveled) or even work on yours.

New England Patriots Mirror
Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are commemorated on New England Patriot’s mirror

Artistry in Glass uses the New England logo, sandblasted on the reverse of the mirror. With the silver backing removed the mirror is painted to create the logo coloring.

Tucson Fire Department Logo

Start by sending your logo to Artistry in Glass

Fire Fighters Logo
Logo for Tucson Fire Fighters #479

The etching experts at Artistry in Glass will trace and scan your logo to produce a vector file. The digitized artwork is used to cut a special vinyl stencil that is attached to the reverse (silver) side of the mirror and then sandblasted to remove the reflective silver coating. Finally, the sandblasted mirror is painting, in several stages to create a superb art glass mirror.

Stunning 36″ diameter mirror with Tucson Fire Fighter’s Logo

Harley Davidson Mirror

Customers email their preferred logo for processing by Artistry in Glass

Harley Davidson Logo (above) is traced and digitized ready for sandblasting

Our clients are big Harley Davidson enthusiasts who selected the special “feathered” version of the Harley logo for their custom mirror.

Feathered logo includes 4-color painting with tricky gradient fill painting on the wings

Iron John’s Brewery, Tucson

Custom etched mirrors were ubiquitous decorations in Victorian bars and public houses where they combined the elegance of the gilded age with the power of advertising. Here, we prepare the artwork for a stand-out local Tucson brewery – Iron John’s

Downtown Tucson bar orders custom mirror from Artistry in Glass

Sorority plaque is etched on dark glass – but has a mirrored effect

alpha delta pi plaque

University of Arizona sorority commissions Artistry in Glass to create this stylish wall plaque. The reflected film-noir steps represent a metaphor for the upwardly mobile life journey about to be undertaken by these ambitious young ladies (Lauren Bacall has just ascended the stairs for a rendezvous with Humphrey Bogart).

For affordable and beautiful mirror art in Southern Arizona!

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