Artistry in Glass is for sale! Unique business opportunity!

Artistry in Glass at 2618 E Fort Lowell Rd

All wonderful journeys eventually come to an end, and it is with deep sadness that we announce our decision to sell Artistry in Glass, along with our outstanding building located in the Winterhaven district of Mid-town Tucson.

This presents an exceptional chance to acquire a completely renovated commercial building, perfectly sized and strategically positioned in the prime area of East Fort Lowell Rd. The ambitious buyer will also inherit a specialized business that has catered to a loyal customer base for 37 years, offering unique services with minimal competition and boundless possibilities.

This post concentrates on the building – discover the amazing scope of the Artistry in Glass Business by following this link.

Executive Summary

Location, location, location!

Artistry in Glass is located on the sweet spot of East Fort Lowell Rd – between Country Club and Tucson Boulevard, we are opposite the prestigious Winterhaven neighborhood and with easy access for our customers in the Tucson Foothills.

Insider tips from a glass professional

The neighborhoods of Oro Valley and the Tucson Foothills, are known for their high-income residents. These discerning customers prefer to avoid industrial areas and the less desirable streets of South and Central Tucson. Our strategic location on E Fort Lowell Rd caters to the preferences of these esteemed customers, offering them a safe and convenient destination.

Aerial views

The Building details

Located in an ideal position on E Fort Lowell Rd our building was completely refurbished in 2018 with

  • Insulated interior walls
  • Complete LED lighting
  • Low-e dual-paned windows
  • Mini-split air conditioning
  • Roof-mounted solar panels
  • Underfloor electrical outlets in showroom

Take a look at the video below for details of the renovation.

Check out the video below for our commitment to energy efficiency:

Site Plan

Our 10,078 sq ft lot features ample parking and a spacious yard protected by a 16 ft sliding steel gate. Storage includes two steel containers and a genuine Tuff shed with 220V service and air conditioning. Sandblasting facilities with compressor and blasting cabinet together with glass kiln and lampworking station. A corrugated iron roof provides shading for our exterior work area.

Floor Plan

Our 1320 sq ft building consists of a showroom separated from our office and work areas. The attached covered verandah houses our large inventory of antique stained glass together with cold working tools (grinding & polishing laps and wheels) and an 80-watt laser engraver.

Artistry in Glass showroom with lighted display cases
Artistry in Glass showroom with lighted display cases
Artistry in Glass main office
Artistry in Glass main office
Stained glass work table
Work table at Artistry in Glass
Work station at Artistry in Glass
Workstation at Artistry in Glass

Bathroom at Artistry in Glass

Glass working tools

Felt and cork wheels for polishing glass
80 Watt laser engraver with water cooler and exhaust system
80 Watt laser engraver with water cooler and exhaust system

24" diameter Covington laps
24″ diameter Covington laps for grinding & polishing glass
Lampworking torches and equipment
Lampworking torches and equipment

Learn how we use these tools in our amazing business

Grinding lap and diamond wheels
Conical diamond grinder

Spacious yard with secure storage

Shaded yard at Artistry in Glass
Shaded yard at Artistry in Glass
16 ft wide rolling steel gate secures the yard
16 ft wide rolling steel gate secures the yard
10 ft * 18Ft Tuff shed with air conditioning
10 ft * 18 ft Tuff shed with 220 V service and air conditioning
8 * 20 steel shipping container
8 ft * 20 ft steel shipping container

Old Pueblo Crystal Corp dba Artistry in Glass

It’s well known that very few new businesses survive for more than a few years so we are extremely proud that we have survived and prospered since 1986. Key business features:

  • Unique products & services
  • High profit margins
  • Low competition
  • Custom websites with 25,000 page views per month
  • Very low marketing costs because of websites
  • Over 120 5-star Google reviews
  • email list of >2000 customers

Main products and services

Our longevity and success have been mainly due to our ability to develop new products and services in response to the demands of our customers. Our main lines are described below:

Stained, leaded, beveled, and etched glass

We specialize in various forms of artistic glasswork. From intricate stained, leaded, and beveled glass to exquisite etched and sandblasted glass for windows, sidelites, and shower doors. our product range is highly profitable with remarkable profit margins.

Stained glass at St Marys Hospital
Stained glass SW scene for meditation room at Saint Mary’s Hospital Tucson
Hopi Indian rainman etching on shower door

Crystal & glass engraving

Our core business is etched glass and crystal for awards and giftware. Our etched crystal customers include repeat orders from museums, charities, and military organizations like the Air National Guard. We also etch champagne flutes and giftware for weddings, anniversaries, and special events.

custom crystal & glass Arizona awards
Custom etching for awards & weddings

Cabinet glass inserts

We have used our art glass expertise to design customer inserts for cabinets door. Glass types range from stained, etched and beveled glass as well as, more affordable textured and frosted glass.

Leaded glass with faceted jewels
Clear seedy glass

Customer acquisition for cabinet glass comes mainly from our niche website: which ranks #1 for local organic search on Google.

SERP for Cabinet glass Tucson
#1 ranking on search engine results page (SERP) for the Google search “Cabinet glass inserts Tucson”

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for the Google search “Cabinet glass inserts Tucson”

Glass tabletops

Artistry in Glass recognized early in our development that protective glass to protect valuable wooden tabletops was a key customer requirement. Accordingly, we built a comprehensive tabletops website which ranks #1 for local organic search on Google and provides daily leads from Tucson customers.

Protective glass tabletop on antique dresser
Southwest design featuring petroglyphs on glass tabletop
Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for the Google search "glass tabletops Tucson:

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for the Google search “glass tabletops Tucson: “” website appears at the top of the search results

Decorative mirrors

Artistry in Glass uses our design and sandblasting abilities to make very profitable custom mirrors for home bars and commercial projects.

Muckers mirror celebrates Bisbee miners
“Mucker’s” mirror celebrates Bisbee miners. (“Mucker” is the traditional name for the miner who shovels out the broken rock following underground blasting with dynamite)

Special products

Artistry in glass has never been afraid to accept a challenge in the glass business and we have perfected several unique products including glass backsplashes, frameless glass display cases, custom glass shelving, and our famous caviar staircases.

glass backsplashes
glass display cases
Special shelving
caviar staircases

The purchaser of Artistry in Glass will receive confidential, insider information on all these highly profitable products and services.

Repair & restoration services

As part of our glass business, we have developed expertise in fixing broken glass, crystal, china, porcelain, and numerous types of antiques. Restoration is a very profitable business because there is almost no inventory expense and we have very little competition.

Attaching a new foot
Unique method of restoring broken wine glass stems.
Holy Hope Cemetery restoration of dalles de verre
Restored Dalle de Verre panel from Holy Hope Cemetery on North Oracle Road

We attract customers for our restoration services from yet another custom website – This also ranks top on Google local searches and links to our main website:

(SERP) for the Google search "china & crystal repair Tucson
Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for the Google search “china & crystal repair Tucson”: “tucsoncrystalandchinarepair website appears at the top of the search results

Our restoration expertise brings discerning Foothills customers into our shop – these are excellent prospects for our art glass windows and other products.

Super Tilt Dolly

Our unique invention permits the safe and easy manipulation of heavy glass and other materials for sandblasting, loading, and unloading.

Super tilt dolly easily supports 310 lb
16 ft * 5 ft panel of 3/8″ glass is easily rotated for sandblasting using the Super Tilt Dolly
Animation of Tilt Dolly

Check out the numerous benefits in the video below:

Full plans for the manufacture of this innovative shop tool (as well as 3 operative Dollies) will come with the purchase of Artistry in Glass!

Marketing methods

Remember the bad old days of the Yellow Pages and extremely expensive display ads in newspapers and glossy magazines?  The costs were exorbitant and it was very hard to measure their effectiveness. If the ads didn’t work the rep would say – well you need to increase the size – or add more color (ie spend more money)!

The internet changed everything.  Now, you can actually measure the success of ads by page views, customer clicks, and other reliable metrics. Search engines, social media, Facebook, etc  – particularly Google have revolutionized advertising.   If you understand digital marketing you can get customers at virtually no cost. 

This is our secret weapon at Artistry in Glass – we hardly spend a dime on advertising. Seriously! Our customers come flocking to us through websites that I made myself, and let me brag a bit – they get a whopping 25,000 page views per month. And all of that without breaking the bank. Just a small hosting fee does the trick.

Website benefits

The successful purchaser of Artistry in Glass will inherit our collection of high-ranking “legacy” websites. (Artistry in Glass was registered by John Wakefield way back in 1999!)

These sites will drive customers to your company at virtually no cost.

Tucson Tabletops logo
Tucson cabinet glass logo
Tucson crystal and china repair logo
Caviar staircases logo

We can customize our award-winning websites to drive traffic to your company!

Contact John to learn how our 25,000 page views per month can be used to direct customers to your company.

Artistry in Glass logo adjusted for new company
Tucson Tabletops logo adjusted
Crystal Repair Logo
Tucson Cabinet Glass Logo

Summary video of what we do:

Do not delay – this opportunity will go fast!

Artistry in Glass is your source for antique repair in Tucson

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I was an exploration geologist and University Professor working in Botswana, Zambia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Portugal, and other countries before opening Artistry in Glass in 1986. In my more than 35 years of experience, I have brought my technical abilities as a scientist to the trade of glasswork. During this time I have become an industry expert in glass and glass-related skills. Watch out for special insider tips developed from my detailed knowledge of the glass business.

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