Benefits of Entrepreneurship – example of Artistry in Glass!

Your ideas are your own!

The psychological rewards of entrepreneurship are truly priceless. When you have your own business, you hold the reins. Each morning, you wake up knowing that the outcome of the day largely depends on your own choices and efforts.

Many workers are stuck in jobs they can’t stand – dealing with awful bosses, annoying co-workers, rigid schedules, barely any time off, tons of paperwork, and all that red tape. Having your own business frees you from this drudgery and allows you to enjoy what you do.

You are in control of your destiny, enabling you to shape your future without being tied down by the fear of losing a pension or financial security.

Owning your own business offers a myriad of advantages, but the most significant one is freedom.

If you don’t have freedom …..

Even a seemingly perfect job can lose its allure

When you lack control over your future – you will easily fall into the waiting-for-retirement syndrome!

I recall an incident in the Rocky Mountains National Park where I encountered two park rangers engrossed in a profound discussion.

Unhappy park rangers waiting for retirement
Unhappy park rangers waiting for retirement

Initially, I assumed they were conversing about the local Colorado beetles, but to my surprise, their conversation revolved around grievances about their jobs and a comparison of how many more years they had to work before qualifying for their pensions. It was evident that the lack of control or agency in shaping their own destinies overshadowed their idyllic surroundings and dampened their job satisfaction.

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Entrepreneurship has lifted millions of people out of poverty all over the world. Countless books are available including this selection from Amazon.

Freedom to make Corporate Decisions

(Move fast and break things!)

The enormous benefit of owning a small company is the ability to act nimbly, pivot rapidly, and try out new products and services without a large bureaucracy to bog things down.

Failing is necessary in order to succeed
Failing is necessary in order to succeed

Indeed, successful businessmen and inventors like Thomas Edison recognized that success often emerges from a series of attempts and failures. In the realm of small companies, owning your enterprise provides the advantage of swiftly exploring new ideas, learning from mistakes, and progressing forward. At Artistry in Glass, the entrepreneurial spirit allowed us to experiment with various concepts, some of which proved unsuccessful.

Our operational strategy has been to listen to the requests of our customers and, providing they are related to glass, attempt to satisfy their requirements. We learn new skills, rent or purchase new equipment and, if the outcome is favorable, set up a new product or service.

Some of our ventures, Tucson Terrariums, for example, unfortunately, failed to garner the attention of customers, Undeterred, we moved on to other ventures, As entrepreneurs, we understand that every failure provides valuable lessons, and we remain committed to refining our strategies and discovering innovative ideas that will lead us to eventual triumph.

Freedom from a Tyrannical Boss

No matter how talented you are, you are at the mercy of your supervisor or boss. He or she may be sociopathic or even psychopathic – or you may simply not get along.

The problem of a toxic boss
A toxic boss is not a problem if you are in charge

Whatever the reason, you are often left with no alternative but to leave.

In small business entrepreneurship, you are the boss!

Freedom from Disagreeable Co-workers

Even if your boss is OK, your job may be sabotaged by traitorous and unpleasant coworkers.

Toxic co-workers can make your job impossible
Toxic co-workers can make your job impossible

Difficult or disloyal co-workers in professional settings can impact individual productivity and team dynamics. These behaviors hinder collaboration, erode trust, and jeopardize shared goals.

Meanwhile, traitorous co-workers who engage in harmful activities like sharing sensitive information or sabotaging projects erode trust, potentially creating a toxic atmosphere.

All of these problems make your workdays disagreeable and you may have no alternative but to resign.

With your own company, you are in charge of hiring and firing and can choose employees who harmonize with your work ethic.

Freedom to set your own hours

Here’s the awesome thing about being your own boss – you get to decide when your business is open and when it’s not. When you’re starting out, putting in some serious hustle, maybe even seven days a week, can be a smart move. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep the lights on 24/7 for the public.

And guess what? Vacations are a whole new ball game. No more dealing with some unreasonable boss who doesn’t understand your need for a break. You’re in control now. Want to take off for a holiday whenever you feel like it? You totally can. Your schedule, your rules.

Freedom to establish operating systems

Doing Things Your Way: Setting Up How You Operate

Do you know how some big companies drown in paperwork? All that stuff, meant to keep track of things and stop any funny business, can end up being a big waste of time. But guess what? At Artistry in Glass, we’re all about keeping things straightforward.

Paperwork can drive you crazy!
Paperwork is mostly non-productive

Most of the time, all we need to kickstart an order is your name, phone number, and email. No unnecessary red tape here. We’re saving trees and our team’s sanity by ditching the paperwork hassle.

Freedom to choose customers and projects

For most companies, you are entirely at the mercy of your customers. Your job may even be to listen to customer complaints or, if you are in the legal profession – to endure lies and deceit on a daily basis.

Within legal limits – as the owner of your company, you can choose the customers that you want to interact with.

You do not have to deal with a difficult customer
You do not have to deal with difficult customers

If we feel that a project is not interesting to us or that the potential outcome is unfavorable, we politely refer the job to one of the many other glass companies in town.

Freedom from job losses due to AI

The swift rise of artificial intelligence (AI) poses a significant threat to both white and blue-collar employment worldwide, including in the USA. Over the next two decades, autonomous vehicles, for example, are set to replace countless driving jobs.

Sectors like customer service and middle management will witness a surge in AI systems, resulting in job losses for office workers. Similarly, AI’s analysis of medical imaging like X-rays and MRIs promises groundbreaking changes in medical diagnosis.

To counter these challenges, intelligent business owners can opt for products and services immune to the threats of AI – jobs that can’t be done by robots. Artistry in Glass exemplifies this, offering services beyond AI’s grasp. The intricate tasks of measuring, designing, fabricating, and installing art glass windows defy AI replication.

1999 Annual Swarovski Crystal ornament repaired with UV glue
A broken Swarovski Crystal ornament cannot be repaired by a robot

Moreover, the nuanced work of a master restorer of china and crystal cannot be performed by AI.

Specific benefits of owning Artistry in Glass

In addition to the general benefits, Artistry in Glass offers unique benefits to the enterprising small business owner:

  • Technical Advantages
  • Market Analysis and Competition
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Repeat Customers and Customer Loyalty
  • Customer List and Testimonials
  • Team Experience and Expertise

These benefits are explained in detail in this comprehensive post about the products and services offered by Artistry in Glass.

Variety of interesting work

Leave behind the monotony of repetitive office work and uncaring corporations. At Artistry in Glass, we transform glass into art, blending creativity and craftsmanship to produce unique and meaningful pieces. Our team of talented artisans finds joy and purpose in their work. We specialize in sandblasting and etching elegant glass and crystal awards, gifts, and commemorative pieces. Our clients appreciate the personalized touch we bring to every order, whether an engraving for a company event, a memorial gift for a loved one, or a delicate etching for a special occasion. Our artists pour their imagination and passion into custom-designed projects that capture cherished memories and milestones. We take pride in creating joy through our art and building lasting connections with clients who become friends. If you desire more than just a paycheck, join our team. With every delighted customer, you’ll be rewarded with gratitude and the satisfaction of inspiring joy through your talents.

Say goodbye to the tedious life of an insurance agent or the argumentative ordeals of a legal assistant, the complaints from unhappy customers at a call center, the emotional rollercoaster of nursing, or the boring repetition of most middle management jobs! At Artistry in Glass we have made work fun by combining art/design with technology /tools where every project is different and your reward is not only financial but emotional – the sincere gratitude of a delighted customer.

Market analysis and competition

We have continually modified our products and services to take account of demographic and structural changes in the economy. In the age of AI, and Amazon our products and service remain immune to competition from artificial intelligence.

  • Variety of interesting work
  • Robust business model – immune to competition from China or Amazon
  • Unique products and services – very little competition
  • Custom websites bringing thousand of free leads per month
  • 10,000 + customer list including the cream of Tucson’s citizens
  • 2000 + active email lists for low-cost & targeted marketing
  • 120 + 5-star Google testimonials – a perfect 5

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I was an exploration geologist and University Professor working in Botswana, Zambia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Portugal, and other countries before opening Artistry in Glass in 1986. In my more than 35 years of experience, I have brought my technical abilities as a scientist to the trade of glasswork. During this time I have become an industry expert in glass and glass-related skills. Watch out for special insider tips developed from my detailed knowledge of the glass business.

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