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From cabinet glass inserts to special shelving, glass signage, mosaics, caviar staircases, custom mirrors and glass display cases – Artistry in Glass is your source for art glass solutions

six cabinet glass designs

Special shelving
CABLE glass shelving
glass signage
glass display cases

glass backsplashes

custom painted mirror with harley davidson logo

caviar staircases

glass mosaics

800 px banner ad for tabletop

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The products and services summarized above barely scrape the surface of the capabilities of Artistry in Glass.  We have etched the windshield of an Apache helicopter, expertly restored a shattered, 2000-year-old pre-Columbian figure, made jewelry for the retiring U of A  president from Mirror-Lab borosilicate glass, designed golf awards won by Tiger Woods, etched champagne flutes for Beyonce and JZ, made awards for Ray Charles, Irma Bombeck, Diana Schuur (etched in braille).  

 By constant study, research and practice we have become experts in virtually all aspects of art glass and mirror production.  If we cannot help, we will refer you to people who can.

The Innovative Super Tilt Dolly

Animation of Tilt Dolly

Super Tilt Dolly


Learn about the amazing Super  Tilt Dolly – invented by Artistry in Glass with detailed construction plans reduced in price from $19.95 to only $4.95