How to Buy a Glass Tabletop in Tucson

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Use the internet’s best glass tabletops website! make glass selection easy by dividing all glass tops into 4 simple groups

Rectangular protective glass tabletop made from 1/4" thick clear glass
Circular protective glass tabletop made from 1/4" thick clear glass
Protective Glass
Rectangular Patio Table Top
Circular Patio Table Top
Patio Glass
Polished rectangular tabletop
Polished circular tabletop
Heavy Glass
beveled rectangular tabletop
Free-standing beveled circular tabletop
Beveled Glass

Protective Glass Tabletops

The best way to preserve your valuable wooden table is with a sheet of protective glass. Clear glass protects against unsightly stains and scratches while allowing the beauty of the wood to shine through.

wooden tabletop marred by stains and scratches

Protective glass tabletop on antique dresser

Safeguard your Valuable Furniture

This antique dresser receives the protective glass treatment with a custom-shaped top from Artistry in Glass

collection of four conference tables

Protect Conference Tables

Large wooden conference tables can be subjected to heavy use during heated board meetings. Follow this link to learn more about protecting your valuable office furniture

oval-shaped wooden table

Special Shapes Require a Template

Irregular shapes, like this oval, antique wooden table, will need a template – often called a pattern in the glass business. Call Artistry in Glass for assistance.

Protecting a gilded table – custom rounded corners

tape measure closeup

Learn How to Measure

Not sure how to measure a rectangular tabletop? Learn everything there is to know by studying this informative video

Watch this video for all you need to know about protective glass

Glass Tops for Patio Tables

Rectangular & Circular Patio Tables
Rectangular & Circular Patio Tables

Outdoor furniture is an essential part of gracious living – especially in the warm climate of the Southwest. Patio tabletops made of glass have a light, attractive, modern look and are easy to keep clean. Most tables are either rectangles or circles and all should be made from tempered glass (for strength and safety). They can be ordered from Artistry in Glass, with or without an umbrella hole.

Patio table with aquatex glass
Textured glass called “Aquatex” is a popular choice

Choose from Aquatex, Clear or Tinted Glass

Most newly purchased patio tables come with a type of textured glass called “aquatex” which has a hammered pattern. For ease of cleaning, the tabletop is installed with the smooth side up and the rough, textured side down. The function of the texture is to disguise the scratches which inevitably develop by wear as the table is used. Remember that for building code regulations outside glass tops must be tempered for safety.

For replacement glass, frugal customers can save money by choosing clear tempered glass instead of aquatex.

Insider safety tip

Remove the Umbrella!

remember to watch the weather forecast carefully and remove the umbrella when high winds are expected!

Heavy Glass Tops for Dining and Coffee Tables

noguchi table
Classic “Noguchi” Coffee Table with thick (3/4″) Glass Top

“Heavy” glass in the glass business means more than 1/4″ thick

Protective tops are generally made from 1/4″ thick glass because they are continuously supported on the flat wooden tabletop. Whenever glass is not continuously supported on furniture, thicker glass, known in the glass business as “heavy” glass, is used. The most common thicknesses are 3/8″, 1/2″ and, for luxury furniture, 3/4″.

US Glass thicknesses showing heavy glass

How to choose heavy glass for furniture

glass dining tabletop

Choosing Heavy Glass

Most large tabletops are made from 1/2″ clear glass with flat polished or pencil polished edges. Small coffee and side tables are made from less expensive 3/8″ glass. Large, luxury tabletops are made with expensive and heavy 3/4″ thick glass.

Beveled & Decorative Tabletops

Edgework types for float glass
Examples of Glass “Edgework”

Modern glass tabletops are often made with simple, flat polished edges because this unfussy look matches contemporary styling and is also more affordable than fancier edges. Visit for pricing on beveled and other decorative edges.

Beveled Glass Tabletops

Beveled glass is manufactured by grinding and polishing an angled surface cut or bevel around the periphery of the sheet.

Beveling can be carried out on glass or mirror as thin as 3/16″ but is most commonly used on 1/4″ or thicker glass as a decorative feature. It came to prominence in Victorian times when elaborate decorative mirrors and door panels were a feature of public buildings.

In glass tabletops, the bevel is an elegant styling used to embellish the appearance. Smaller coffee tables commonly use inset panels of 1/4″ beveled glass set inside the tabletop frame.

The most common width of glass bevels is 1″ but other widths are available – more affordable 1/2″ wide bevels and luxurious, expensive 1 1/2″ wide bevels.

Modern bevels are made on large expensive machines using grinding and polished wheels in a continuous production process.

Ogee, grosed, and other edges

Polished Ogee edge on 1/2" thick glass circle
Ogee edge on 1/2″ thick glass circle

A large number of decorative edges are available including Ogee above and chipped or grozed edges (below)

Chipped or grozed edge
Chipped or grozed edge on 1/2″ clear glass

“Cracked” or Broken Glass Tabletops

Artistry in Glass creates a small example of spectacular “broken” glass by breaking a tempered glass panel sandwiched between two sheets of protective glass. Call 520-320-0104 for details.

Glass tabletops & shelves – info from Artistry in Glass