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We have numerous great videos illustrating all aspects of the stained glass and art of Artistry in Glass

Explore the art of Artistry in Glass through our extensive YouTube channel. See examples of stained glass window projects. Learn about the functions of art glass – the design process and the pricing structure. Understand the crucial value of etched glass awards in improving the self-esteem of the recipient, reducing employee turnover, and establishing corporate culture.

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John Wakefield

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Artistry in Glass

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Google testimonials are irrefutable evidence of the customer service and excellence of a company. We derive most of our job satisfaction from the pleasure we give to our customers and we are proud to share these testimonials.

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Alignable is a network of local businesses

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Local First Arizona works to keep business local

Artistry in Glass is proud to be a part of the Local First Arizona movement. Local businesses are the lifeblood of a community – they send their kids to local schools, pay local taxes and support local charities. Unlike national chains and big box stores, 80% of the revenue earned by local companies stays in the community.

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Reddit is a giant collection of forums where people can share news and content. Artistry in Glass uses it to showcase our Stained and Etched Glass creations

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AiG is on Tumblr,

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Learn about the Old Pueblo Business Alliance

OPBA Tucson

Artistry in Glass is a member of one of Tucson’s oldest business leads group. Meeting in Tucson continuously since the 1970s, OPBA brings together prominent local business leaders to network and communicate important current events. Contact John for details on membership.

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