Customer Appreciation Sale at Artistry in Glass!

Holiday sale

Artistry in Glass is extending its massive customer appreciation and inventory-reduction sale through the hot months of July & August. Choose from stylish crystal and glassware, functional barware, stained glass panels, and lampshades, Mid-century Roseville pottery, shelf support brackets, and accessories, sheets of antique stained glass, beveled glass, tools, and more. All items are at least 50% off – shop early to avoid disappointment.

Crystal vases, bowls, paperweights, giftware

Fine crystal and glassware are at least 50% off with custom engraving available for the holidays.

Artistry in Glass showroom
Exquisite glass & crystal are on sale!
Cobalt blue vase
Cut crystal vase and fused glass eagle – on sale at Artistry in Glass

Roseville pottery on sale

A great selection of classic Roseville pottery from the 1930s and 40s will complete your Mid-Century decor. All vases are at least 75% off the list prices. Shop now to avoid disappointment.

Mid-century Magnolia vases by Roseville
Magnolia is a Roseville pattern from 1943
Clematis vases for sale
Vintage Roseville – Clematis from 1944
Mid-century Roseville vases are on sale
Wide selection form Zanesville OH – the home of Roseville pottery

Come in to see more classic Roseville from Zanesville OH!

Affordable barware

High-quality glasses, champagne flutes, double old-fashioned and beer mugs – all at rock-bottom prices.

Drinkware for sale
Stock up on everyday glassware!

Stained glass hanging panels

Add jewelry to your home with a unique stained glass panel from Artistry in Glass. Southwestern and eclectic designs are available in various sizes.

Stained glass native American
Native American art – stained glass circle 19 3/4″ diameter SOLD

El Toro with el Payaso – 19 3/8 * 12 1/8
Grand Canyon rendered in stained glass – 71″ * 26 1/2″

Celebrate your love of the Grand Canyon State and spot the mighty Colorado river (cutting through 1.7 billion-year-old Vishnu schist) in this copper-foiled tour-de-force.

Stained glass parrot
Stained glass parrot vies for the mastery with a wiley toucan in this tropical jungle scene, Oval – ready for hanging – 23 1/2 *34 1/4 –“lovely plumage!” SORRY – THIS PANEL IS SOLD!!

Funky mirror and guitar

Numerous special decorative items including our classic torso-shaped mirrors and our famous Stratocaster guitar fashioned from 3/4″ thick glass.

Torso shaped mirror
Torso mirror with Kokopeli award
Stratocaster guitar made from 3/4" thick glass
3/4″ thick, full-size Stratocaster guitar – personalization available

Stained glass sheets

Large selection of stained glass in full and partial sheets – available at below wholesale prices for the frugal hobbyist.

Stained glass sheets on sale
Numerous sheets available – colors and textures – including antique and GNA

Stained glass pieces for mosaics

Stained glass for mosaic work
Mosaic pieces 2-4″ average size – sold by the pound.

Our stained glass fragments are remnants of 36 years of art glass manufacture – great selection at only 25% of similar products on Amazon – see below to compare.

Glass mosaics pieces, assorted colors, and shapes, sold on Amazon by the kilogram (about 35 ounces)

Surplus glass tools are also on sale!

Ask about our laser engraver

Large selection of clear bevels

Boxes of standard-size beveled rectangles, diamonds, and circles + decorative beveled clusters. All are on sale at greater than 1/2 the wholesale price.

Bevels for stained glass
Boxes of clear glass bevels

Shelf brackets and supports

Large selection of high-quality shelf supports for glass shelving — all at virtually giveaway prices.

Adjustable shelf brackets on sale
Great selection of adjustable shelf brackets

Artistry in Glass is a shelf-support expert – come in for free advice. Discounted glass shelves are also available.

Useful products for glass cleaning

In our nearly 40 year’s experience in the glass business, we have identified two indispensable products for the removal of cloudiness in glass or crystal. First: study this post to figure out if the cloudiness is caused by hard water stains or by permanent etching. Then, choose from our recommended products below:

Water spot remover

Do not waste your time with vinegar, CLR, acetone, oven cleaner, rubbing alcohol, or other wacky household remedies – for hard water stains – use this guaranteed professional water-stain remover:

Use gloves and a mask when using CRL – it is very strong!

Polish for cloudy glass

For permanently etched, crystal or glass, don’t waste time with rice or baking soda – the solution is to polish with cerium oxide on a felt or foam pad. We recommend this kit (available on Amazon):

Use smaller foam pads if the felt pad is too large for your glasses.

Don’t forget to bring in your treasured collectibles for skillful repair from the experts at Artistry in Glass

Artistry in Glass is your source for antique repair in Tucson

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I was an exploration geologist and University Professor working in Botswana, Zambia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Portugal, and other countries before opening Artistry in Glass in 1986. In my more than 35 years of experience, I have brought my technical abilities as a scientist to the trade of glasswork. During this time I have become an industry expert in glass and glass-related skills. Watch out for special insider tips developed from my detailed knowledge of the glass business.

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