Super Tilt Dolly

Plans for the Super Tilt Dolly are only $19.95

Animation of Tilt Dolly
Save valuable time – call for detailed plans and build this amazing, labor-saving dolly in just one day

The Super Tilt Dolly simplifies life & reduces back injuries for these trades and more

Study the Benefits

  • Glaziers/Glass Workers: rotate heavy glass shower doors, tabletops for fabrication (drilling and polishing) operations.
  • Glass Sandblasters: take delivery of heavy architectural glass – rotate to horizontal for application of artwork and rotate back to vertical for sandblasting.
  • Stained Glass Artists: safely rotate fragile stained glass panels from horizontal to vertical for re-soldering.
  • Doormakers: easily handle heavy doors with minimum effort – transport, fabricate, load & unload.
  • Carpenters: make circular saw cuts on the tabletop. Use as extension surface for your table saw.
  • Drywallers: transport sheetrock around the job site – rotate sheets to horizontal for easy cutting.
  • Honey-doer, home handyman: all-purpose, easily stored, mobile workbench and dolly
  • Perfect height for loading & unloading pickup trucks
  • Build it Yourself in a day with full drawings, materials list & cutting instructions.
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