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Resale prices of Swarovski annual ornaments

Written by John Wakefield – Owner of Artistry in Glass

Swarovski crystal figurines are renowned for their beauty and intricacy. Many collectors seek out these pieces to add to their collections, so determining the value of a Swarovski crystal figurine is an important aspect of the collecting process.

The most important factors controlling the price are the rarity, condition, age, packaging & certificate of authenticity (COE) and demand. Jump to this section for complete details:

However, there is only one foolproof way to find the value of a Swarovski crystal figurine – see what prices they have recently realized on auction sites like eBay.

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Tip #1 – Make sure your figurine is authentic

Among the many factors determining the value of a Swarovski crystal figurine, it goes without saying that the figurine must be authentic. The authenticity is of prime importance – to find out exactly how to authenticate a Swarovski crystal figurine study this comprehensive post for Artistry in Glass.

Swarovski swan logo
Authentic Swarovski figurines have a logo lasered on the base. The current logo is the iconic swan.

The Swarovski logo has evolved over time as shown below:

Swarovski logos
Swarovski logos (clockwise from top left) – Edelweiss flower (1899 – 1988 but seldom seen on figurines), SCS – Swarovski Crystal Society logo for boxes (1987 – present), Classic swan logo (1988 – present), Square SC logo (1976-1988)

Special logos are engraved on products made for the Swarovski Crystal Society (SCS)

Evolution of Swarovski Crystal Society logo
Evolution of Swarovski Crystal Society (SCS) logos

Note that the absence of a logo does not automatically prove that you have a fake: the logo may have been omitted by mistake or may be covered by a glued joint. Review all the factors explained in this post to be sure.

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Value – the bottom line

We dive into all the features that contribute to the value of a Swarovski Crystal figurines later in this post. However, there is only one foolproof way to establish the true current value and that is to check the latest sales on sites like eBay. Impatient readers – please jump to this section for insider tips.

What makes Swarovski crystal figurines special

Swarovski Crystal figurines are known for their exquisite beauty and intricate details. They are made of high-quality crystal that is cut and polished to perfection, resulting in a sparkling and luminous finish. Each figurine is carefully crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring that every piece is unique and of the highest quality.

Creation of crystal mini-mouse by Max Schreck
Creation of crystal mini-mouse by Max Schreck in 1976

One of the things that makes Swarovski Crystal figurines special is the company’s commitment to innovation and design. Swarovski is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with crystal, creating new shapes, colors, and textures that are both beautiful and functional.

Despite this dedication to innovation and creative design, Swarovski figurines have unfortunately followed the broader trend of downward pressure in the collectibles market.

Resale prices of Swarovski annual ornaments
Recent Annual ornaments are selling at a discount – less than original prices

In summary, collectors should not make the mistake of believing that Swarovski Crystal figurines represent an appreciating investment. The best approach is to consider collecting as a hobby and an opportunity to posses beautiful objects.

The decline in value of collectibles

Collectibles, as a group, have declined in value since 2009. This has been due to:

Swarovski crystal figurines have also suffered price declines: Artistry in Glass dives more deeply into the reasons in this comprehensive blog post.

Factors affecting the value of Swarovski Crystal figurines

The main factors that affect the value of a Swarovski crystal figurines are:

  • Rarity: everything else being equal, the rarer a figurine the more valuable it is likely to be. Limited edition pieces or figurines that are no longer in production are often highly sought after by collectors.
  • Condition: the condition of a figurine is also an important factor in determining its value. Figurines that are in perfect condition, with no chips, cracks, or scratches, are more valuable than those that are damaged.
  • Age: older Swarovski Crystal figurines are often more valuable than newer ones, especially if they are rare or no longer in production.
  • Packaging: the original packaging also affects the value of a figurine. Figurines that are still in their original packaging, with all the original paperwork and certificates, are at least 20% more valuable than those with no box or certificate.
  • Demand: finally, the demand for a particular figurine can also affect its value. Figurines that are highly sought after by collectors or that are part of a popular collection are likely to be more valuable than those that are less popular. Certain figurines styles (Disney, wildlife) especially popular.

Ultimate test of value – what a buyer is prepared to pay

The basic rule of value in any commodity is the price that a buyer is prepared to pay. This is the current market value and one that is dynamic – changes over the years in line with supply and demand.

In the collectibles marketplace the easiest ways to determine the market value is to study online marketplaces:

  • eBay – Best selection – highest volume
  • Etsy – Good selection
  • Replacements – Good selection but higher prices than eBay
  • Amazon – “new” and genuine items
  • Swarovski – official company site for “new” items
  • Facebook Swarovski groups
  • Specialist brokers eg Crystal Classics
  • Special interest groups Crystal Exchange

eBay sales

The ultimate proof and acid test, of the value of any collectible is the price that a buyer is prepared to pay for it. So, the simple and foolproof way to determine the value of your Swarovski figurine is to check eBay or other online auctions to find out what similar items have sold for.

To find the value of an item on eBay, always check the “completed and sold” boxes

Describe the item you wish to value

For best results, describe the item accurately in the eBay search bar – include the item number or other distinguishing characteristics (many Swarovski figurines and ornament come in different sizes and variations.

Check boxes for “completed/sold” items

The vital tip for eBay research is to scroll down on the sidebar at the left of the eBay site and check the boxes to select only completed/sold items. (A typical item will often have numerous offered prices and conditions – with “buy-it-now” options, various shipping prices and important details like the presence of absence of original boxes).

There will always be a range of advertised prices (sometimes from inexperienced, greedy or irrational sellers) but the only true measure of value is the price that has been paid.

Careful study of completed eBay sales will provide absolute proof of their current value.

Etsy website

Etsy is an online marketplace that focuses on handmade, vintage, and unique products. It provides a platform for individual sellers, artisans, and crafters to showcase and sell their creations to a global audience.

The platform allows the sale of used items like Swarovski Crystal figurines. It has a smaller selection but is worth checking out if the figurine you are looking for is not available on eBay.


The excellent Replacements website has a large selection of Swarovski crystal figurines and ornaments and is a convenient way to get an idea of current values. Listings ccome with professional photos and show prices either with or without original boxes.

Prices are higher than those realized on eBay, but you can depend on the authenticity of items bought from Replacements.

For “new” Swarovski figurines – search Amazon

Many so-called “new” or “limited” editions are still available from the official Swarovski crystal stores on Amazon. Prices are often slightly less than those on the Swarovski company website – but check for shipping costs (these depend on factors such as your Amazon “Prime” membership.

SWAROVSKI Annual Edition 2023 Ornament, Clear Crystal Star with 97 Facets – brand new in official box. For sale on Amazon at a price less than the “official” price.

Expert tip – compare Amazon and Swarovski websites for best pricing on “new” figurines:

SWAROVSKI Hummingbird crystal figurine multi-colored. An original and authentic Swarovski figurine available through Amazon at a +/- 10% from the official price on the Swarovski website.

Official Swarovski website

Cautious collectors can depend on the official Swarovski website for 100% certified genuine items.

Our latest studies have shown that official retail prices are almost always discounted on Amazon and on other resale outlets.

Facebook groups

In addition to the official Swarovski Facebook page there are numerous Facebook groups specializing in all things Swarovski. These are a great way to learn about your collection from enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Swarovski Fan Group Worldwide 8.7K members
  • The Global Swarovski figure Collectors Club (8.1K members)
  • Swarovski Crystal sell swap buy (5.5K members)
  • Swarovski Silver Crystals (3.5K members)
  • Swarovski crystal lover (3.2K members)
  • Disney Swarovski Collectors (2.9K members)
  • Swarovski Addicts (2.7K members)
  • Swarovski Christmas Crystals (1.4K members)
  • Swarovski Kris Bear Collectors (1.2K members)
  • Swarovski Crystal Figurine Collections (405 members)

These Facebook groups will increase the pleasure of your hobby while giving up-to-date price estimates on specific items.

Specialist Swarovski Crystal brokers

Several large organizations act as dealers in the secondary market for Swarovski collectibles

Examples are Crystal Classics and Crystal Exchange where products cost more than they do on eBay but they come with more confidence that they are genuine.

Factors that affect the value of Swarovski crystal figurines

When determining the value of Swarovski crystal figurines, there are several factors to consider. These factors can greatly impact the value of a figurine and should be taken into account when buying or selling.


The rarity of a Swarovski crystal figurine is a major factor in determining its value. The rarer the figurine, the more valuable it is likely to be. Some figurines were only produced for a limited time or in limited quantities, making them highly sought after by collectors. A good example is the original, 1991 Annual ornament that is now highly prized by collectors.

Swarovski annual ornament 1991


The age of a Swarovski crystal figurine can also impact its value. Older figurines may be more valuable due to their rarity and historical significance. However, it’s important to note that age alone does not necessarily make a figurine valuable.


The condition of a Swarovski crystal figurine is another important factor to consider. Figurines in pristine condition will typically be more valuable than those with damage or wear and tear. Minor flaws, such as small scratches or chips, will drastically reduce the value of a figurine.

Small chips in crystal are called "flea bites; in the collecting business
Small chips in crystal are called “flea bites; in the collecting business – and cannot be repaired

Edition Size

The edition size of a Swarovski crystal figurine can impact its value as well. Figurines that were produced in limited quantities or as part of a small edition will typically be more valuable than those produced in larger quantities.

Swarovski Limited Edition 2005 Black Bull
Limited edition of 1000 adds to rarity of the classic Black Bull

Box and Certificate of Authenticity

The original box and certificate of authenticity can also affect the value of a Swarovski crystal figurine. Figurines that come with their original packaging and documentation are typically more valuable than those without.

Boxes for Swarovski annual ornaments
Color variations in boxes for Swarovski annual ornaments – without original box – the value is lower


The designer of a Swarovski crystal figurine can also impact its value. Some designers are more well-known and sought after than others, making figurines designed by them more valuable.

Swarovski crystal tiger figurine
Figurines from exceptional designers like Martin Zendron command high prices from collectors

Subject Matter

Finally, the subject matter of a Swarovski crystal figurine can also affect its value. Figurines that depict popular or iconic subjects may be more valuable than those depicting more obscure subjects.

Swarovski Cinderella & Mickey
Disney characters are among the most popular Swarovski Crystal figurines

In conclusion, when determining the value of a Swarovski crystal figurine, it’s important to consider factors such as rarity, age, condition, edition size, box and certificate of authenticity, designer, and subject matter. By taking these factors into account, buyers and sellers can ensure they are getting a fair price for their figurine.

Damaged Swarovski Crystal figurines

Artistry in Glass has been restoring damaged Swarovski crystal figurines and a wide range of collectibles since 1986. Check out the following useful information and remember that figurines with failed glue joints can be restored to their original pristine condition and value by expert repair.

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