Super Tilt Dolly – easily transport and rotate heavy loads

Tilt Dolly rotates from horizontal to near vertical

The innovative super tilt dolly has multiple uses: for the handyman, glassworker, stained glass artist, sandblaster, doormaker and more

Key Benefits

The remarkable Super Tilt Dolly will help you to avoid back strain or injury as you maneuver unwieldy sheets of glass or plywood, load & unload your pickup truck, transport very heavy loads, handle fragile stained glass panels while negotiating uneven ground & narrow doorways.

Rotate heavy loads (400 lbs or more) from horizontal to vertical

Super tilt dolly easily supports 310 lb
Perfectly balanced Super Tilt Dolly easily accommodates 310 lb sheet of 3/8″ thick glass, measuring 12 ft by 5 ft

We manipulate a heavy glass panel in preparation for sandblasting the Catalina logo for a Tucson nursing home. The Tilt Dolly was also used for the on-site installation.

Maneuver unwieldy sheets of glass, drywall, plywood, marble and more

Super Tilt Dolly accommodates long sheets of glass
14 ft long panel of shaped 3/8″ thick glass is supported on tilt dolly

Adjustable pegs allow this large panel to be situated at a comfortable level for the sandblasting operator.

Easily Load your Pickup Truck

Heavy sheets of plywood, drywall or even glass are easily loaded and unloaded

The Super Tilt Dolly rotates to horizontal, level with the tailgate of most standard pickup trucks for easy loading and unloading. The dolly is also ideal for receiving heavy boxes or crates delivered by UPS or FedEx.

Very Maneuverable – Turns on a Dime

The ingenious 6-wheel system permits smooth movement

The Super Tilt Dolly swivels smoothly on the centrally placed, 10″ diameter, pneumatic tires, allowing very easy maneuvering by a single operator.

Negotiate Uneven Ground

Negotiate uneven ground
The Super Tilt Dolly is engineered to operate on uneven surfaces

Easily negotiate potholes, bumps, and door thresholds with the Tilt Dolly’s ingenious 6-wheel design. Central pneumatic tire (10″ diameter) cushions against shock – the 4″ PVC heavy-duty swivel casters stabilize the dolly.

Pass through narrow doorways

Small footprint - fits through narrow doorways
The small footprint allows the Super Tilt Dolly to pass through narrow (32″ wide) openings

Easy access to workshops and buildings with small wheelbase and high maneuverability.

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Buy plans for the Super Tilt Dolly
Download complete plans with materials and cutting sequence – reduced to only $4.95

Rotate Fragile Stained Glass Panels

A large stained glass panel is rotated safely using the Super Tilt Dolly

Stained glass panels can only be moved safely when in a vertical orientation. An unsupported panel is very likely to suffer cracked pieces if held horizontally. The Super Tilt Dolly is the perfect way to turn over a panel – when access to the underside is required for soldering, applying patina, or cleaning.

Use Circular Saw on Super Tilt Dolly

Using circular saw on Super Tilt Dolly
2*2 studs on Tilt Dolly tabletop allow clearance for convenient use of a circular saw or jigsaw

Simplify your home carpentry projects: the raised system of 2*2 studs allows you to make cuts safely with your circular saw directly on the tabletop of the Super Tilt Dolly.

The Super Tilt Dolly simplifies life & reduces back injuries for these trades and more

  • Glaziers/Glass Workers: rotate heavy glass shower doors, tabletops for fabrication (drilling and polishing) operations.
  • Glass Sandblasters: take delivery of heavy architectural glass – rotate to horizontal for application of artwork and rotate back to vertical for sandblasting.
  • Stained Glass Artists: safely rotate fragile stained glass panels from horizontal to vertical for re-soldering.
  • Doormakers: easily handle heavy doors with minimum effort – transport, fabricate, load & unload.
  • Carpenters: make circular saw cuts on the tabletop. Use as extension surface for your table saw.
  • Drywallers: transport sheetrock around the job site – rotate sheets to horizontal for easy cutting.
  • Honey-doer, home handyman: all-purpose, easily stored, mobile workbench and dolly
  • Build it Yourself in a day with full drawings, materials list & cutting instructions.

Easy to use construction plans now reduced to only $4.95

  • Exceptional design – tested over 15 years of use
  • Perfect balance and maneuverability
  • Ingenious use of standard size materials
  • Uses standard 4*8 foot boards & 2*4 studs
  • Hardware from Home Depot & Harbor Freight
  • Build in one day with basic woodworking tools
Buy plans for the Super Tilt Dolly

Background Story of the Super Tilt Dolly

Improving Sandblasting Efficiency

The Super Tilt Dolly was originally designed to improve the efficiency of sandblasting operations at Artistry in Glass. Typically, a large heavy tabletop, shower door or other panel is carefully laid on a flat work table so that the glass can be prepared for sandblasting. The preparation involves cutting a design out of vinyl or applying a computer-generated vinyl resist. The panel is then moved from the horizontal position on the layout table to a vertical position in the blasting facility. In some cases of multi-stage carving or shading, this process is repeated several times. Finally, the glass is moved again for the removal of the resist and final cleaning.

The Danger of Moving Glass

Studying the Toyota 6-Sigma system and its application to manufacturing led me to investigate a way to simplify the glass handling process. In particular, every time the glass was laboriously moved, particularly in the presence of abrasive aluminum oxide or other sharp sandblasting media, there is the likelihood of scratching the panel and ruining the work. Furthermore, each moving episode requires the sandblaster to interrupt a fellow worker to ask for help to man-handle heavy sheets of glass.

Super Tilt Dolly to the Rescue

1) Less chance of scratching the glass

With the Super Tilt Dolly, the likelihood of damage to the panel is greatly reduced because a typical pane of glass is moved only twice during the whole work cycle: once from the glass delivery truck onto the dolly, and once from the dolly back onto a vehicle for final delivery to the customer.

2) Less labor required

Production efficiency is also improved because a single operator can rotate the glass from horizontal to vertical and back again for design layout and sandblasting.

Super Tilt Dolly – the Perfect Handling Solution for Glassworkers

Ever tried moving a large pane of glass on your own and wound up scratching it? Ever had to interrupt a co-worker to help with a large sheet of glass? Ever had difficulty unloading the glass truck or moving a heavy tabletop around the shop?

If so – your troubles will be over with the Super Tilt Dolly. Think about it: glass is a wonderful substance – perfectly happy in its customary vertical position in doors and windows and equal content to assume a horizontal position in skylights and tabletops. It is moving glass, especially from vertical to horizontal and back that causes the problems. Glass is brittle and extremely prone to scratching and breakage. Millions of dollars, in time and materials, are wasted each year by the inefficient handling of glass.

The Solution is the Super Tilt Dolly


I was an exploration geologist and University Professor working in Botswana, Zambia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, and other countries before opening Artistry in Glass in 1986. In my more than 30 years of experience, I have brought my technical abilities as a scientist to the trade of glasswork. In this time I have become an industry expert in glass and glass-related skills. Watch out for special insider tips developed from my detailed knowledge of the glass business.

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