Press Releases 2004


Artistry in Glass wins Better Business Bureau ethics award

The key to our business success has been gaining the trust of our customers.  Pyschologists distinguish competence trust and benevolent trust.   In the case of car repair, for example, a company can show competence in installing a new engine but cannot be trusted  if the car really only needed an oil change. Benevolent trust comes from acting  in the customer's interest.

In the case of Art Glass we realised early in our evolution that we could not put the client's  interests first if we only offered one type of glass. We have therefore learned to design and manufacture a full range of art glass products from traditional leaded and beveled glass, Tiffany-style glass, etched and carved glass, Stained Glass Overlay, dalle de verre and fused glass. With this range of products we are able to recommend the best possible solution for your Art Glass needs.


Left: Artistry in Glass President John Wakefield receives award from veteran Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe.

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